Ear Micro-suction

Are you suffering from blocked ears? If you are experiencing symptoms such as hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness or general discomfort in the ears, then you may have a build up of ear wax. You could benefit from our ear wax micro-suction treatment.

Micro-suction is the safest and most effective method of removing ear wax. Unlike traditional methods such as 'syringing' and 'irrigation', this procedure does not involve the use of water and is a completely dry procedure.

The procedure is pain free and carried out by a fully trained pharmacist. We work closely with insurance providers to make sure our practitioners and their clients are fully covered.

We advise that you use olive oil ear drops in your ears for 2-3 days before your appointment to soften the wax.

Treatment costs £55 for both ears.


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What is ear microsuction?

Ear micro-suction is a relatively simple process which involves the use of a gentle suction machine to leave the ear free from any wax that may have built up in the ear canal. We use a microscope to magnify the inside of the ear which allows us to see deep into the canal.

What are the benefits?

Because we use microscopes to look deep into the ear canal, we are able to see and remove all the ear wax present. If you are suffering from hearing loss or a blocked ear, you may find that ear micro-suction resolves these issues. Unlike traditional 'syringing', we do not use any water so it is a dry and comfortable experience.

Is the procedure painful?

Generally, the procedure isn't painful at all, although it can be quite noisy. It is important to keep very still while receiving treatment as your ear canal is white narrow. You may experience some dizziness after you have the earwax removed as the vestibular system which controls your balance is in your ears.

How often do I need ear micro-suction?

This varies from person to person depending on how much ear wax you produce. Some people may never need it at all. Others choose to have it done every 3 months to keep their ears nice and clean while some opt for an annual treatment.